Submissive Types

The other day I read the paragraphs below in a tumblr post. I will admit that tumblr is not an authoritative source but this made me think. Read this first:

” There are three types of subs:

A sexual sub is someone only who pleases when he is horny. we call this type of sub a bedroom only sub. many of these subs in time learn to please their Dom/Domme outside the bedroom.

Abused sub is one who was abused early in life. there are those who submit to be abused. these type of subs should seek mental health.

The natural sub is sub I am interested in, he likes to be controlled. is happy when his master/Dom/Domme is happy. a natural sub is born to please others. Just because a person is a natural sub, doesn’t mean he is a doormat and can be walked over by any person. He just likes to please his ONE. I am only interested in natural subs.”

If you have read most of my posts you will realize that I believe in the natural sub, but the question is “how many type of subs are there?”

Hard question to answer, I did some research and found at least ten different categories (The Bottom, The Bedroom Submissive, The Psychological Submissive, The Slave Hear Submissive, The Slave, and more).

What concerned me was the definition of the Abused Sub. When being online in Second Life it is difficult to know what is happening in the other side of the computer. I am certainly under control in my side and what appears to be in control during the scenario in Second Life. If there is an abuse issue, is that person hurting themselves physically or even further psychologically if he/she is engaged in a BDSM scenario in SL? What is my responsibility of trying to identify this? How much should I probe, what is real and what is not?

All very difficult questions, which have left me think seriously about how to engage submissives online. Many do fit in the category of natural subs but I recommend that before engaging in the darker parts of BDSM, everyone needs to make sure you are not dealing with someone in the Abused Sub  category.