Eager Subs?

So last year I would go AFK in a friend’s club so she could get her traffic up (yes turn me in to LL please), and when I returned after about 12 hours away, I had a string of IMs from an av that I didn’t know and was obviously an eager sub.

It roughly went like this (trying to remember now):

– Hello Miss, are you on?

– Sorry

Then in open chat there was the message that she had made me an owner in her collar. Mind you I’m AFK and I don’t know this person at all. I know I’m powerful but that’s a bit much power. (continuing)

– thank you for collaring me Miss

– are you angry with me?

– I know you are not online today, but are you angry?

– please talk to me

What is wrong with this picture?

This has to be the most eager sub I’ve ever encountered.

A tip to all subs out there, this type (or very similar) behavior will not get you collared, and if a Mistress collars you based on this, you are in for a rocky and short relationship.

Do things at the right time and place.

Switch or Not?

So the other day I’m at the Cellar and sitting on a Domme chair is an av wearing a tag that show that she is very dominant as well.  Nothing wrong there.

She IMs me and starts to call me Miss and tells me that I am a very sexy Mistress. Then proceeds to tell me that she wants to kneel for me, go to her house so I can use all her toys on her (domming from the bottom of course), and promising me that she would be into a very long term relationship with me.

So a few questions come to mind:

– What about her current subs? Do I get that baggage? Will she get rid of them at my request?

– What happens when she is kneeling and gets the Domme bug? Am I supposed to get on my knees? Have to laugh at that concept

– Is she really a submissive? Does she really feel it inside like a good sub does? Or is she just acting the part when is convenient as she plays the video game of SL.

– Is there really such thing as switching? I don’t understand it.

Leave me some comments about your ideas on “The Switch.”

Multiple Owners? Mistress lets you play?

I’m often approached by some subs wanting to “play” or pursue my dominance but when I look at their profile I find one or two things interesting.

1. They have a SL partner

2. They are owned (sometimes by multiple Mistresses)

My profile is very clear: “looking for a long term sub.”

So when I ask the sub, how about your partner and/or owner, the answer is invariable the same “I’m allowed to play when my partner/owner is not online.”

My questions to them is “where does that leave me?” If we are actively engaged, are you running to your partner/owner when they arrive online? “Of course I would, she is my partner/Mistress and I have to do as they say.”

Can you please explain to me, how is this going to make our relationship a healthy long-term relationship?

Now if we are with a group of Mistresses and their Mistress allows play, let’s do it and enjoy it but take it for what it is, a quickie.

Don’t tell me that you are really going to do what I say when you have someone that you rank above me.

The same can be said about the Mistress with a harem of subs, but that is the subject for a different post.

Time to share

Hello all of you Second Lifers that may have seen this blog address in someone’s profile.

My name is ………………  well, it doesn’t matter. Let’s just say that I’m a Mistress and Domme (so just girls and women for me) that has been in Second Life since 2008 and has traveled many SIMs in prim shoes and now mesh shoes and boots.

I’ve decided to start this blog as a way to record some of the experiences (good and bad) that I and others have endured in SL while trying to live the Dominant/sub and BDSM lifestyle within the crazy world of SL.

I guess is also a way of recording all the mishaps, drama, and weird occurrences that come about when one tries to extend a real life lifestyle into a virtual world environment.

Hope all of you enjoy this blog.