Eager Subs?

So last year I would go AFK in a friend’s club so she could get her traffic up (yes turn me in to LL please), and when I returned after about 12 hours away, I had a string of IMs from an av that I didn’t know and was obviously an eager sub.

It roughly went like this (trying to remember now):

– Hello Miss, are you on?

– Sorry

Then in open chat there was the message that she had made me an owner in her collar. Mind you I’m AFK and I don’t know this person at all. I know I’m powerful but that’s a bit much power. (continuing)

– thank you for collaring me Miss

– are you angry with me?

– I know you are not online today, but are you angry?

– please talk to me

What is wrong with this picture?

This has to be the most eager sub I’ve ever encountered.

A tip to all subs out there, this type (or very similar) behavior will not get you collared, and if a Mistress collars you based on this, you are in for a rocky and short relationship.

Do things at the right time and place.