SL Profiles (part 2)

Today’s profile theme is:

I am collared by my loving Mistress (xxx_fill_in_name_xxx) but that doesn’t mean I’m off limits, or I can’t play.

Wow, if there ever was an invitation for fun. So what type of relationship is going on here? What problems do I see with this type of statement?

First, let’s take a look at if from the perspective of the Mistress. If you are a Mistress reading this, do you allow your sub to go out and play when you are not in SL? I personally don’t, I make sure I’m in SL enough to maintain the relationship as it should be. I inform my sub when I’m out of town and won’t be logging on and actually tell her not to log into SL during that time. You know we all could use a break from SL and ordering my sub to do it ensures me that she is getting adequate breaks as well (and yes I will double check through groups).

Do you think that is too mean? Is she really a true sub to you? If you make the statement, go out and have fun with other Mistresses when I am out, then I don’t believe that you are really committed to the relationship. A true sub wouldn’t do that in any case.

Commercial Profiles parked in the SIM for advertising purposes

Actually I don’t have a problem with this. It is tough enough to get the word out about your product. If you chose to stand in a SIM full of lesbians with some good outfit/gear on, be my guest, I will probably look at your profile and go buy some (make sure you put where to get it) if i like it.

What I can’t stand is the person contacting me all subbie like. ” ahem … excuse me Miss …” and later during the chat “would you like to come and see my store?” and then it is obvious that all she wants is to get a Mistress interested so she can get some business going her way. If you want to advertise do it in open chat, keep it out of any conversation with me. Hey, but if you are a true sub and want me to collect all the profits from your business as tribute to me I will happily do so (not really, but you get the point).


Using someone else’s photograph in a profile as their 1st life photo (or profile photo)

I equate this to stalking, bullying, and abuse. Some people say, what is the big deal. Well, what if it was your picture? When I see a photo, I will look for in on the Internet (every time).  How do I do that? By using the Snipping tool in Windows (you can do the same in Mac), opening it with Google Chrome and then right clicking on it and selecting “Search Google for this image.” Then you will see where it has been.

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