Do you really have time for me?

So there I am at Secret House, I engage in conversation with a very promising sub (good profile, good SL age, etc…). We talk for about 40 minutes or so and things are going well.  So I ask if she is looking for a long-term relationship and she says yes, that is what she wants.

Looking even better. So then I ask “tell me more about your SL life and experiences,” and this is what she offers up (mind you, none of these are in her profile).

“Well Miss, I currently have two Mistresses, one that takes care of me and my main one that is not in SL as much anymore but I still love. When she comes in I love to spend time with her.

I also have two subs of my own and they are like my daughters and best friends, love them to death and will do anything for them.

I’m also a Panther in Gor and play in three different SIMs, three different roles, and I really enjoy that RP.

I have two alts to play different characters in Gor and sometimes I login with all three at the same time for long role plays that may take days.

I didn’t copy and paste the IM to keep with the TOS but I am not exaggerating the details. Everything above was said.

She may have detected my astonishment over the Internet because she was obliged to say “… but don’t worry Miss, I will have plenty of time for you and you will be my number one priority.”

WTH !!!!!!!

At that time I had to say no thanks, and told her so. She got really exasperated about it, but I did have to say it directly. Are you really going to have time for me?

I covered aspects of this post in a previous post but had to make a comment on this particular incident since it is such a glaring example.

WOW !!!

One thought on “Do you really have time for me?

  1. This is just incredible ! But I know that’s what SL is about for so many people. They don’t even know of the pleasure and intensity one can feel within a true relationship. They’re just SO superficial… How sad.


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