Words in SL

So I heard a Mistress said the following last night. “In Second Life words are worth 1,000 pictures.”

I didn’t talk to her about this after I heard it in open chat, but she is 100% correct.

Second Life is so visual, that the user’s eyes and mind are served an entire plate of goodies to digest and enjoy. Second Life even creates automatic text (think Xcite, or other products) that tell you what you are feeling or saying (albeit the grammar and gender use may be totally wrong).

After we get over the initial excitement of seeing our avatars engaged in all kinds of positions and situations without having to bend our real bodies to do them, everyone starts to get that empty feeling and you start seeing statements like this in profiles: “not a pose ball chaser”; “emoter with more than one sentence”; etc…

Some people are turned off by this and criticize others as arrogant, and other similar terms.

I tend to agree with the fact that we must use words, and rely less in visuals, pose balls, automatic emoters, and such. It is a visual world yes, but is not a silent film where we are fed the dialog.

The big debate then becomes, do you emote? or do you Role Play (RP)?

My answer? It doesn’t matter if the two people doing it agree and enjoy doing it in the way they agree. Two months ago I met a most visually lovely, and very intelligent person. Very submissive and probably a wonderful long term companion. Our only problem? She was only into RPing. Even though we talked for about an hour at the end she basically said “Great Miss, let’s get started. Do you want me to meet you at a bar and you can pick me up?”

Definitely not compatible with the way I use words in SL, but I bet she can be very descriptive and enhance any meeting with her words. Too bad we didn’t click.

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