Switch or Not?

So the other day I’m at the Cellar and sitting on a Domme chair is an av wearing a tag that show that she is very dominant as well.  Nothing wrong there.

She IMs me and starts to call me Miss and tells me that I am a very sexy Mistress. Then proceeds to tell me that she wants to kneel for me, go to her house so I can use all her toys on her (domming from the bottom of course), and promising me that she would be into a very long term relationship with me.

So a few questions come to mind:

– What about her current subs? Do I get that baggage? Will she get rid of them at my request?

– What happens when she is kneeling and gets the Domme bug? Am I supposed to get on my knees? Have to laugh at that concept

– Is she really a submissive? Does she really feel it inside like a good sub does? Or is she just acting the part when is convenient as she plays the video game of SL.

– Is there really such thing as switching? I don’t understand it.

Leave me some comments about your ideas on “The Switch.”

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