Multiple Owners? Mistress lets you play?

I’m often approached by some subs wanting to “play” or pursue my dominance but when I look at their profile I find one or two things interesting.

1. They have a SL partner

2. They are owned (sometimes by multiple Mistresses)

My profile is very clear: “looking for a long term sub.”

So when I ask the sub, how about your partner and/or owner, the answer is invariable the same “I’m allowed to play when my partner/owner is not online.”

My questions to them is “where does that leave me?” If we are actively engaged, are you running to your partner/owner when they arrive online? “Of course I would, she is my partner/Mistress and I have to do as they say.”

Can you please explain to me, how is this going to make our relationship a healthy long-term relationship?

Now if we are with a group of Mistresses and their Mistress allows play, let’s do it and enjoy it but take it for what it is, a quickie.

Don’t tell me that you are really going to do what I say when you have someone that you rank above me.

The same can be said about the Mistress with a harem of subs, but that is the subject for a different post.


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